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BURGER LOVE is a 10-day event where local restaurants put their unique spin on a classic Hamburger.  During the 10 days, the community is encouraged to dine and vote for their favourite.  We also select local judges to sample and vote for their favourite, awarding JUDGES and PEOPLE'S CHOICE awards. 


Burger Love is on from Nov. 8th until Nov. 17th, 2023


Korean bbq chicken Burger

This tantalizing creation features a succulent crispy chicken generously glazed with a sweet and savoury Korean BBQ sauce. Topped with zesty kimchi and cool, shredded cucumbers for a refreshing crunch, it's all brought together with a dollop of spicy garlic mayo for that extra kick.

$11.50 | $17 Combo

Billy K's-logo_edited.jpg

1131 Brookdale Ave., Cornwall, ON

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the mad paddler

At the heart of this burger is a juicy chuck patty, ingeniously stuffed with jalapeños and rich old cheddar, creating a molten core of flavour. It's crowned with a slather of creamy Nashville aioli, crumbled feta, and a bruschetta mix for a fresh twist. Slices of avocado, crisp lettuce, crunchy fried jalapeños, and sweet candied bacon all come together, layer upon delicious layer.

$19.95 with side


20180 County Road 2, Summerstown, ON

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LOaded chuck

This burger boasts two irresistibly seared 3oz smashed patties, oozing with the melty perfection of American cheese. Nestled between the patties are four dill pickles, a bed of shredded lettuce, and rings of thinly sliced onions for a crisp bite. Smoky bacon, a thick slice of juicy beefsteak tomato, and a generous slathering of signature Chuck sauce complete this masterpiece.

$10.75 Single | $15 Combo


1 Water St., East, Cornwall, ON (Cornwall Square)

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double header donut burger

This double-stacked marvel starts with two juicy patties, each seasoned with a bold maple peppercorn blend. Layers of smoky bacon and melted cheddar cheese, create a rich and hearty flavour profile. Drizzled with BBQ sauce and topped with a heap of crispy onions, each bite offers a satisfying crunch. And the pièce de résistance? Instead of a traditional bun, this burger is cradled between two glazed donuts.

$20 with side


1110 Brookdale Ave., Cornwall, ON

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ultimate black bean burger

This burger features a hearty black bean patty that's both flavourful and satisfying, forming a perfect plant-based foundation. It's adorned with fresh, leafy spinach and ripe tomato slices. The crispy onions introduce a savoury crunch, while the innovative coconut bacon offers a smoky sweetness that's completely cruelty-free. A dollop of creamy mayo and a drizzle of rich BBQ sauce brings a velvety finish to this delightful ensemble.

$18.50 with side (*Gluten Free bun available)


116 Pitt St., Cornwall, ON

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cali Love

100% ground chuck patty, perfectly complemented by the rich flavours of Lankaaster aged cheese. Candied bacon, fresh bruschetta mix, creamy avocado and crisp romaine add a refreshing touch, while their special sauce brings it all together. All of this is nestled within a house-made herb/garlic brioche bun. And for that final gourmet touch? A fried pickle garnish crowns this burger masterpiece. 

$24 with side


317 Pitt St., Cornwall, ON

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This Mediterranean-style burger starts with a premium sirloin patty, grilled to perfection and topped with a bed of fresh spinach, feta, ripe tomato slices, and crisp cucumber. Delicate rings of onion add a sharp contrast, while a generous spread of olive tapenade infuses each bite with a rich, tangy essence. The burger is then finished with a zesty lemon caper aioli.  Nestled between a toasted bun, this burger is a delightful escape to the sunny shores of the Mediterranean with every bite.

$20.95 served with Mykonos salad


1140-a Brookdale Ave., Cornwall, ON

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