Our BURGER LOVE event for 2020 was a HUGE success.  Below is the full list of participants and winners.  We can't wait for next year!

The italiano

Triple-A beef patty topped with parmesan cheese, homemade bruschetta, and alfalfa on a toasted brioche bun with homemade garlic butter.

$9 Single | $14 Platter


183 S. Military Rd., Lancaster, ON

(613) 347-3644

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Winner - Judges Award

Cherry blossom burger 

Beef patty stuffed with gorgonzola cheese & caramelized onions, topped with a sour cherry sauce and arugula on a brioche bun.

$19 (served with fries)

155 Pitt St., Cornwall, ON

(613) 933-9112

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Hickory Smoked PB & Maple Tempeh Bacon Burger.

Hickory smoked plant-based burger served up with roasted garlic peanut sauce, homemade dill pickles, red onion, and maple tempeh bacon. 

$18.50 (served with side salad)

110 Pitt St., Cornwall, ON

(613) 935-9536

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The drama burger

Ground sirloin burger topped with smoked brisket, caramelized onions in beef jus, lime soaked avocados, bacon, dijon mustard and havarti cheese on a pretzel bun.

$12.99 (served with side salad)

101 Pitt St., Cornwall, ON

(613) 875-7819

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Fric fry burger

Original Seguin Patate fries, topped with ground beef, homemade hot sauce, diced onions, pickles, and curds on a brioche bun.  Served with gravy for dipping.

$8.00 Single | $11.50 Combo 

Available at both locations (Marlborough & Archies)

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Locally sourced beef patty, cheddar cheese, diced white onion and dill pickle, big mike sauce with lettuce and tomato.

$8.00 (burger only)

537 Pitt St., Cornwall, ON

(613) 935-6397

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Winner - Peoples Choice

heart stopper

Beef Patty, bacon, smoked meat, bbq sauce, dijon mustard, topped with cheese curds, hot peppers, onion ring, fried pickle, and a jalapeno popper.

$6.99 Single | $10.99 Combo 

Available at all locations

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